Discover our exclusive January recipe: an amazing Sushi di Porchetta with Oriental Sauces, the result of a collaboration with Chef Renato Bernardi. Perfect for fusion cuisine lovers who wish to explore unique flavors, combining Italian tradition with Eastern influences; a dish that expertly blends Italian culinary tradition with touches of Eastern exoticism.


  • Radicchio from Castelfranco Veneto: 150g
  • Porchetta: 180g
  • Native rice: 100g
  • Soy sauce: q.b.
  • Carrots: 20g
  • Pumpkin seeds: q.b.
  • Extra virgin olive oil: q.b.
  • Salt and black pepper: q.b.
  • Fresh mint: q.b.


  1. Start by steaming the rice; once ready, season lightly with soy sauce and keep warm.
  2. Boil the carrots and cut them into thin strips.
  3. Wash and dry the radicchio carefully. Arrange it on a sheet of baking paper or clingfilm on a cutting board, then lay the rice on top, add the pork rind and carrots, and gently wrap the radicchio, forming classic Oriental-style rolls.
  4. Cut the porchetta heart into slices about half an inch thick, lay the compact rice on top. Alternatively, you can create a small "confection" of rice and crown it with very thin slices of porchetta.
  5. Arrange the sushi on the plate, garnish with pumpkin seeds and fresh mint leaves, accompany with a little soy sauce for dipping and serve.

This dish represents a perfect balance of flavors and cultures, ideal for surprising your guests with a unique and refined dining experience.

a bridge between cultures, combining the succulence of Italian porchetta
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