Welcome to the heart of the Castelli Romani food and wine tradition, where the Salumificio Leoni Randolfo perpetuates the art of producing Porchetta di Ariccia IGP , an excellence recognized at the European level. Our mission at Salumificio Leoni Randolfo is to continue to honor the rich tradition of Porchetta from Ariccia, combining respect for our heritage with the ambition to innovate and expand our presence globally. We invite everyone to discover and celebrate the authentic flavor of Italian tradition with us.

Our Vision: Excellence in the Heart of the Castelli Romani

Ariccia Rome

Bridge at Ariccia: a leap into history, where architecture and nature come together in a timeless work.

In the beating heart of Ariccia, cradle of the Castelli Romani food and wine tradition, Salumificio Leoni Randolfo embodies the essence of Made in Italy through its historic production of Porchetta of Ariccia IGP . For over a quarter of a century, our mission has been to elevate the smallness of our territory to the greatness of global expansion, while maintaining the authenticity of our distinctive product.

The Porchetta, already prized in ancient Rome, is now known to many as Porchetta Romana. However, it is precisely at Ariccia, the beating heart of the Castelli Romani, that a standard of production of such excellence was first defined, culminating in 2011 with the prestigious recognition of Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) according to EU Regulation 567/2011.

Salumificio Leoni Randolfo, true to its heritage, continues to carry on the family tradition with Augusto and Riccardo Leoni, who personally oversee the production of Porchetta di Ariccia IGP . Dedication to quality craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our philosophy, ensuring that each product retains the high standards of quality and authenticity that have made our typical Latium cured meats world-renowned.

Generational continuity is the cornerstone on which Salumificio Leoni Randolfo. For generations, we have been committed to preserving the integrity of our culinary heritage by carefully selecting genuine raw materials and adopting sustainable practices that respect the environment. Our business philosophy places customer well-being at the center, ensuring the food safety and nutritional quality of our products.

Tradition and Innovation: Our Commitment

Since the days of ancient Rome, the Castelli Romani, and Ariccia in particular, have stood out as favorite destinations for food and wine tourism enthusiasts. The centuries-old tradition in the production of Porchetta of Ariccia finds its roots in the Salumificio Leoni Randolfo, where, starting in the 1940s, founder Augusto Leoni innovated the art of preparing porchetta, masterfully deboning, salting and spicing the pig, and creating the distinctive shape that has made Porchetta of Ariccia globally famous.

The real champions are the everyday ones and they deserve the right prize! Commercial Porchetta Leoni Randolfo , as good and healthy as sports.

Commitment to Food Quality and Safety

At Salumificio Leoni Randolfo, quality is not just a goal, but a promise-a promise of excellence, safety and customer satisfaction in every product we offer. We invite you to discover the difference that true quality can make.

Our Promise: Excellence in Every Slice

At Salumificio Leoni Randolfo, the quality and sanitary safety of our products are not just goals, but real pillars of our business philosophy. Our dedication to quality is reflected in every aspect of our production, from the selection of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.

Company Policy: The Customer at the Center

Our company policy is based on clear principles: customer focus and strict adherence to food safety and nutritional quality requirements. These principles are translated into specific goals for each department, with clearly defined responsibilities, to ensure that every member of our team contributes to maintaining our high standards.

HACCP: A System of Assurance

Our commitment to food safety is supported by a fully implemented Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system that covers every stage of the production process. This systematic approach, based on Codex Alimentarius principles, ensures that every product that leaves our plant is safe and of high quality.

Staff Education and Training

We firmly believe that the quality of our products depends on the expertise and dedication of our staff. For this reason, we constantly invest in education and training programs, ensuring that every team member is fully qualified and up-to-date on best practices in food production and safety.

Control and Verification of Products

Our promise of quality extends beyond production. Each batch of product undergoes rigorous inspection and testing, including shelf-life testing and organoleptic analysis, to ensure that only products that meet our high standards reach our customers.

Certifications and Recognitions: Our Excellence

Our commitment to excellence has been recognized internationally by obtaining IFS Certification in 2019, a food assurance standard of worldwide prestige. In addition, in 2017, we acquired certification to export our products to Canada, allowing us to take the richness of our territory beyond national borders and contribute to the spread of Italian excellence around the world.

Healthy animals, healthy people!

Salumificio Leoni Randolfo constantly strives to ensure pig production that not only excels in quality but is also sustainable and respectful of animal welfare and the environment. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of our production chain, highlighting the importance of an ethical and responsible approach to raising pigs.

Sustainable Pig Production

Our vision places the importance of sustainable pig production at the center. We firmly believe that animal welfare and respect for the environment are fundamental to a greener future and the production of high-quality sausages. Through responsible breeding practices, we aim to minimize environmental impact while ensuring that every step of the production process is in harmony with nature.

Animal Welfare

The welfare of our pigs is a top priority. For this reason, we have abolished invasive practices such as castrating piglets and adopted measures that ensure larger living spaces, the abolition of sow cages and group housing. In addition, we have extended the minimum lactation period, thus ensuring more natural and healthy growth for our animals.

Contribution to Public Health

The approach we take at the Salumificio Leoni Randolfo not only protects animal welfare but also contributes to the fight against antibiotic resistance. By offering consumers high-quality meat free of pharmaceutical residues, we contribute to public health and ensure a healthier future for future generations.

Total Traceability

The trust of our consumers is paramount. For this reason, we ensure total traceability of our products. Using state-of-the-art chips, we are able to monitor every stage of the pig's life, from birth to the table, ensuring transparency and uncompromising quality.

In conclusion, Salumificio Leoni Randolfo is committed to maintaining high standards of animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Through ethical breeding practices, we actively contribute to the production of high-quality cured meats that are environmentally and consumer health friendly.

Our goal is to achieve sustainable production both in terms of greater animal welfare and greater respect for the environment.

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